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DigiSpeed is a digital speedometer using GPS for Android phones and pads.
A simple, non distracting speed readout featuring :-

  • Speed and GPS track bearing
  • Multicolour display
  • Touch the speed display to change the colour of the main display and/or bearing text.
  • Adjustable speed and bearing display size (Long touch on menu button to enlarge or reduce the size).

HUD mode
Select between normal or HUD (Heads-Up-Display) by swiping the display.
Place on the dashboard of your car and see your speed without taking your eyes off of the road.

Toggle between Miles per hour and Kilometers per hour.
Long touch the display to hide/show the menu.
GPS Info screen

The speed and bearing readout is only as good as the GPS signal.

Fast acceleration may not register properly.
The brighter colours (Yellow or Green) are best for HUD mode during daylight.